iKids Group Study/Downloads

New Presentation:

Games, Brains, and iKids – PDF

Digital Life- A Youth Group Study

Use this 4-part study with your youth group.  The four lessons are Screen In, Face-to-Face, Branded, and Distracted.  Click below to download this free study.

Digital Life – A Youth Group Study

Youth 2015 Presentations
Here are the presentations and handouts from Youth 2015.  Feel free to download and share:

Six Values for the Digital Age:
A Small Group Study based on iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age

Six Values for the Digital Age is a free PDF download designed for use by parents and adults in church small groups and Sunday School classes who want to discuss the ideas found in iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age. The study is sure to produce lively discussions about the use of techgear (smartphones and tablets), how digital media influences family life, and how to balance the spiritual and digital lives of iKids in our homes and congregations.  It includes highlights from iKids and biblical passages for reflection.


Six Values For The Digital Age 2015

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The six part series covers the material in the book as follows:

Lesson 1. Happiness (When Everyday is Disneyland)
In this introductory lesson people will think about the influence digital media is having in family life. Participants will learn some of the terms in the book like iKids, techgear, etc. and will reflect on their own use of media.

Lesson 2. Wisdom (The Digital Child and Digital Brain)
This session will talk about the Three Laws of Digital Life and will focus on how brain development in children is influenced by digital media.

Lesson 3: Hope (Digital Culture and Digital Learning)
Participants will contrast their use of digital media when they were children compared to what children have available today. They also will talk about how techgear and digital media changes the way children learn.

Lesson 4: Vision (Digital Creators and Digital Marketing)
This session will tackle the influence of the Creative Class and will look at how digital marketing is used by companies like Target and Facebook to convince us to use their products.

Lesson 5: Identity (Digital Identity and Digital Inc.)
The most important asset a child has is his or her identity. The session will sure to generate discussion as participants look at how video games like Skylanders and product lines like Disney Princess impact the everyday lives of children and their families (Have you found that Frozen dress yet?).

Lesson 6: Faith (Digital Families and Digital Soul)
This session will look at family life in the digital age and how parents and grandparents stand guard at the doors of their children’s lives. It will look at the primary role of parents as the value-shapers, the ones who provide their children with a moral and spiritual foundation that will guide their children throughout their lives.

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