iKids now Available on Kindle

Cover amazonAfter two years of research, writing, editing, rewriting, and rewriting again, iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age is now available for Kindle at a special promotional price of .99 cents.

iKids Kindle Version

The focus of iKids is how digital media, especially the advent of smartphones and tablets, is affecting the lives of children and young teens born since 2000.  A quote from the book best sums up the importance of this topic:

“The one discovery that most resonated with me was this: We are in the midst of a great experiment. No one knows how the use of techgear and digital media is affecting the mental and social development of iKids. Whether it’s Toys’R’Us selling a line of tablets for four-year-olds or school systems giving children iPads so they can take the Common Core test online or parents giving eight-year-olds smartphones so they can keep track of them when they go to school, the iKids are immersed in a screened-in environment that beckons them at every turn.  The only thing we know for sure is that as our society purchases techgear in record numbers and puts it in the hands of our youngest generation, we are faced with a slew of questions that won’t be answered until iKids are in their twenties and thirties.”    iKids, p. 13.

In iKids I invite you to join me in wrestling with the issues of how we raise this newest generation, one that is pushed and pulled by the forces of technological change.  We will look at how companies like Disney and Apple look for ways to capture iKids to keep them as life long customers.  We will talk about privacy and the importance of one’s identity.  We will discover how gaming is the metaphor for the spiritual life that connects with this generation and we will be challenged to look at how our own use of digital media shapes the lives of our children.

The book itself tells a story of how digital technology is changing the way we interact with media.  The kindle version of iKids includes links to not only the chapters but also to a series of articles that are embedded in the book.  Topics like “So your iKid wants a Phone”, “Who Owns Our Pop Culture?”, and “When Faith Communities Adopt Schools” are just a click away.  Also, URLs to various sites are active as well as hyperlinks to the over 200 footnotes in the book.

I invite you to take a look at iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age and join me in this critical conversation about the future of the iKids Generation.

Craig Kennet Miller


“Miller’s unique navigation through the digital waters surrounding pre-teens and
teenagers today is brilliant. As a pastor of a growing congregation and the father
of two young children, this resource is essential. I highly recommend adding it to
your collection.”
—Olu Brown, pastor of Impact Church in Atlanta, Georgia and author of Zero to 80

“An enlightening look into the world of the newest, techiest generation, iKids is
chock-full of useful tidbits to help parents prevent children from overloading on
too many screens and too much technology. [This book is] an excellent guide for
Christian parents who want to raise their children with the right values.”
—Jean M. Twenge, author of Generation Me and coauthor of The Narcissism Epidemic

“Every parent in America needs a copy of this book. If I were a pastor or staff
member of a church, I would make sure every parent and grandparent had this
book, and I would organize teaching and small-group discussions around it. There
is something to learn on every page—from information to perspective to practical
—Reggie McNeal, author of Get Off Your Donkey: Help Somebody and Help Yourself

“This book is an amazing representation of the children who are entering into
middle school. Miller provides a vocabulary to understand these children and
their experiences, and he provides teachers, parents, pastors, Christian educators
and other leaders in the church ways to give guidance for a deeper spiritual walk
with God.”
—Leigh Meekins, Christian educator and ordained deacon, The United Methodist Church

“I read iKids through the eyes of a grandparent. I am giving a copy to each of my
children to help them practice proactive parenting in an age of techgear and digital
media, and better understand their influence on the mental and social development
of our grandchildren.”
—Mike Slaughter, Senior Pastor of Ginghamsburg Church

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